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Clenbuterol - HCL 

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ABOUT Clenbuterol - HCL 


Usually, clenbuterol (HCL )is an active ingredient prescribed for the treatment of asthma. Which properties make Clenbuterol interesting in bodybuilding? The active ingredient Clenbuterol is not an anabolic or androgenic steroid, but a beta-2-sympathomimetics. Clenbuterol is said to have a strong anti-catabolic and muscle-building effect. With this mode of action Clenbuterol is suitable for athletes who do not want to use steroids.

The second mode of action for which Clenbuterol is valued in bodybuilding is fat burning. So Clenbuterol is used once in the post-cycle therapy and once in a diet phase. As good as all this sounds, there is little evidence of its effects. But that does not change the fact that Clenbuterol has been used for years. Regarding muscle growth, it is safe to say that there are far more effective options than Clenbuterol. Unfortunately, this also applies to the anticatabolic effect attributed to clenbuterol. And even the widespread dosage could be easily refuted in their effectiveness. Unfortunately, why Clenbuterol can persist its success so stubbornly can not be clarified either.

Clenbuterol side effects

Clenbuterol has a half-life of about 35 hours. In addition, the beta-2 receptors quickly get used to regular use. These two conditions lead to side effects that should not be underestimated. Sleep disorders and a strong cardiovascular burden make the body difficult to create and question the benefits of the drug doubly. 

If the athlete takes anabolic / androgenic steroids at the same time, permanent cardiac damage has been scientifically proven. Also popular is the combination with the thyroid hormone Liotyhronin. Here, the athlete promises an anti-catabolic protection of Clenbuterol and an increased fat burning. However, since the fat burning of Clenbuterol is not guaranteed, the combination makes little sense.

 Clenbuterol – Some Informations

The active ingredient Clenbuterol supports the development of muscles. At high doses, this substance slows down the muscle breakdown processes that normally occur throughout the body. With appropriately adapted training and nutritional behavior, a faster muscle developmentcan be achieved. Time and again athletes have used clenbuterol as a doping agent. 

Clenbuterol belongs to the class of beta-2 agonists. Such agents are included in medicines for asthma. They dilate the bronchi and relax the bronchial muscles to relieve their spasm in an asthma attack. In high doses, they can increase heart rate and bloodpressure.

Dosage and discontinuation of the active substance Clenbuterol
Athletes usually use doses of 20-160mcg / day for muscle growth and as a replacement for steroids. It starts with one tablet a day, starting from 20mcg. The dosage is increased daily by one tablet until the desired dosage is reached.

The same dose is used for fat loss. Over the weeks of use, athletes often use the so-called "on-off scheme". The dose is first increased daily to the maximum amount. Afterwards, a break is taken from the seventh day and the intake is suspended for two days. After the two-day break, it continues for two days with the maximum dose. So short, two days maximum dose and two days break. If Clenbuterol is taken for fat loss, the dose is used consistently.

If Clenbuterol is taken over a longer period of time, the active ingredient must be slowly swabbed. Here the dose is reduced by one tablet daily.

Does Clenbuterol make sense? 

Due to the lack of success and unproven efficacy and the serious side effects of prolonged use, it is safe to advise against clenbuterol. Far more effective drugs are available for effective muscle building and increased fat burning. 

Ultimately, every athlete has to know for himself and maybe even try out whether he can handle clenbuterol, but experience shows that the benefits leave much to be desired.

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