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Testosterone Cypionate 

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ABOUT Testosterone Cypionate 

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In the body, the ester completely dissociates the ester and liberates the naturally occurring steroid. Since Testosterone Cypionate has both a very strong androgenic and anabolic effect, it is used by many users who want to build up a lot of strength and mass in no time. It is very similar to the testosterone enanthate. In Europe, however, testosterone enanthate is more common than testosterone cypionate. In the US, however, testosterone cypionate is often used by bodybuilders.

Side effects Of Testosterone Cypionate

Hypertension, acne vulgaris, gynecomastia, sexual overstimulation, increased water retention, edema, more frequent erections, testicular atrophy, reduced spermatogenesis, increased aggressiveness, voice recess, accelerated hair loss.

How To Use Testosterone Cypionate

The amount of the drug required is indicated after the reaction of the person using testosterone undecanoate. For the first 2-3 weeks of treatment, a daily dose of 120 mg mg 160 appears. Thereafter, mg will vary the dosage of testosterone undecanoate usually from 40 mg daily to 120. The capsules should be taken with meals. Swallow the pills completely that certain not to crush the capsules. Numerous things can affect the dosage of medication that a person needs, such as body mass, extra health conditions as well as other medications. If your doctor has indicated a dose unlike anyone shown here, follow your doctor's advice. Do not change your dose of testosterone undecanoate without seeing your doctor. It is extremely important that this drug can be used on a regular basis as prescribed by your doctor.  If there is near time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and proceed to your normal program. Do not take a double dose.

Precautions : 
Testosterone undecanoate ought not be utilized by any individual who has encountered a hypersensitive response to any of the elements of the item, has had a bosom tumor, has or may have prostate issue, has genuine heart, liver or kidney ailment; also, any individual who has abundance calcium in the blood (hypercalcemia), has diminished liver capacity, is effectively explicitly fortified, has positive kidney illness (nephrosis or the nephrotic period of nephritis).

Undecanoate - Adverse Responses Similar to different solutions, testosterone undecanoate can cause negative reactions. Some undesirable impacts may happen when you first begin utilizing testosterone undecanoate. The made reference to symptoms may leave over the span of utilizing how your body directs the medication.

The undesirable manifestations given beneath are not seen by each individual who utilizes this solution. On the off chance that you are stressed over negative side effects, discuss the great and awful impacts of the medication with your specialist.

  • Decrease in testicular mass;

  • Pain in the scrotum or in the groin;

  • Diarrhea;

  • Hair loss or thinning of the hair;

  • Reinforcement in pubic hair growth;

  • lessen or increase sexual desire or drive;

  • Stomach pain;

  • Sleep disorders;

  • fast weight gain;

  • Chest discomfort or dilation;

  • frequent or lasting more than four hours long penile erection to four hours or painful erection up;

  • frequent urination;

  • for boys only: acne, early growth of pubic hair, enlargement of the penis, repeated or permanent erections;


Testosterone Undecanoate - Important Details

At the point when utilized with sustenance, the testosterone will be consumed by the stomach related framework and after that nourished all through the body. Thus, the undeniable estimation of testosterone undecanoate is its bioavailability when taken orally. Make sure to utilize testosterone undecanoate, as exhorted by your specialist. Try not to take a greater amount of this drug than endorsed, and don't utilize undecanoate testosterone for a more drawn out timeframe than recommended by your specialist. Try not to discard tabs in wastewater (eg in the sink or in the can) or in your ordinary rubbish. Solicit your specialist how to arrange from tabs that are bad for utilize or have lapsed.

How does testosterone undecanoate have to be stored? 
The preparation must be stored between 15 ° C and 30 ° C at room temperature. Keep your medication in the packaging to keep the tabs out of the sunlight.

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